I will miss feeling checked in by you, the way you call me up and say my name with such parental concern and care in your voice.
Deirdre (Niece)

You always had a checklist of family harmony to review with me.
Ian (Nephew)

Whenever you came to my house, you were always happy and in a cheerful mood.
Brianna (Grandniece)

I’d sure like to see you jump out of the Jacuzzi with a big smile on your face again.
Trevor (Friend)

Your sense of family cohesiveness was so intense it kept us close for 29 years after the divorce.  You taught me, the kids were more important than petty differences.
Freddi (Former Wife/Friend)

What a good person you were and I think you were always caring for family members and wanting to bring the family together.  Your dying early will be a lesson for us all to learn to love one another.
Dahli (Former Sister In-Law)

The world will be a little worse-off without you.
Mary (Friend)

Gerry is my friend and comrade...his generosity, his commitment to social change, and most of all his spirit lives on in our hearts and memories.
Jed (Friend)

You were one of the true sensitive souls of this world, a trait that I cherish in your son and something I will pass along to our children.  I loved you for your honesty and will miss you always.      
Mika (Daughter In-Law)

What a great final tribute to you Ger.  All your family and ex-roommates at the pool.  I am so glad I was able to be part of it.  Thanks for all the great memories over the last 60 years.  Your only brother.
Ron (Brother)

We love you, “Uncle Gerry”.
Aline, Ryan & Audrey (Sister In-Law, Nephew and Niece)

Gerry, you were the most gentle soul I have ever known. Thank you for bringing so much to my life, especially sharing love for Kelly and Brandon.
Kay (Friend)

I wish you hadn’t been so scared the last bunch of years.  I’ll remember you from before, when you were happier.
Fred (Nephew)