An Ode to the Best Ex-husband a Girl Could Ever Have

Go Gators is how it all started
First date, we beat Auburn 10-9
It doesn’t matter that my date began
With his best friend Ed Schlein

It was my first semester in school
My goals were to have fun
Gerry inspired me to study hard
And, reserve the weekends for party  

Increasing his education was always a priority
However when fired as a bus boy from a sorority
He was quite proud the reason reported to the dean was
Because of his scandalous social reputation

Having kids was a big decision
One that neither of us took lightly
In fact, we talked about it almost nightly

Gerry was so thrilled with Kelly
He took the 4-12 shift when I worked
From these (quote) “motherly” duties
He did not shirk

In our RED Pontiac Lemans
We moved to Gerry’s new job
All along the way, I said
I won’t go to Dallas it has malice

Brandon arrived
We bought a house and dived
Into being an all American family  

But, were we ready to settle down?
We were both so busy fighting against
The War and Racism
Our house was becoming unfenced

I admit, I was a little more radical
Refusing to pay the telephone tax to support the war
Which Gerry claimed set him up with a
15, or was it 20 year battle with the Feds  

Now, for the really hard part
The discovery of the women’s movement
How wonderful and eye opening it was
Everybody wanted to leave their husbands

But how could we divorce with the kids?
Joint / Shared / Co-mingled custody?
We tried ‘em all

In the end, to everyone’s surprise
We shared
With civility
In fact we were friends

Many people ask, how could we?
My always answer is it was because of Gerry

Never did he use the kids to quote “get at me”
I swear if he had
I could have joined the ex-spouse hater club
While the kids suffered

Kelly and Brandon or B and K
As he called them
Were nurtured by his care and concern
And are better human beings because of it

I’m sorry he missed Skyler’s birthday
He wanted to go and kept mentioning it to me

It’s so sad to think he’s not here

I’ll miss him at Christmas
at Thanksgiving
at his birthday
at the first sign of spring

Thanks for being such a good ex-husband
And father to our kids
And friend to me