A poolside remembrance
July 31st, 2000 at the “Harris Spa and Resort”
Guided by Reverend Susan Burnett-Hampson 

A celebration of Gerry’s life, a great man whose commitment to family, fairness and fun touched many lives. 

Everyday we receive a gift of 86,400 seconds of life;
These are for us to use or squander, enjoy or discard, build on or use for destruction. Once passed they are gone forever, and we should take a few hundred of tomorrow’s gift and contemplate on how well we used yesterday’s thousands, and a few hundred more would be well spent in planning the execution of tomorrow’s gift.

Family Remembrances

Silently – Brandon

An Ode the best Ex-Husband a girl could ever have – Freddi

Daddy – Kelly

Memories of My Friend Gerald Faloona – David Card

In memory – Wade Hudson

To See Through Blindness – Russ Smith

In lieu of flowers, the family wishes that donations be made to the Southern Poverty Law Center in memory of Gerald Raymond Faloona. They can be reached at:
Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington Ave.
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
To donate online, visit: https://www.splcenter.org/centerinfo/donate.html