Gerald Faloona

Early Years | Academic
Hall House | Later Years

Early Years
2 years old with Ron
4 years old
9 years old
13 years old graduation (?)
High School graduation
Georgia Erma Rogerson with sons, Gerry and Ron
the "Ice House"
Gerry's Father Raymond John Faloona
Uncle Frank
With Freddi at a College Dance
with Freddi at a College Dance


Running out the door
Freddi's Nursing school graduation
1967 Press Release
University of Florida Graduation
Dancing with Freddi at their wedding
Dancing with Freddi at their wedding
Gerry, Freddi and Ron at their wedding
A wonderful smile
At work
Posing with Ron
Gerry and Dr. Unger
Hall House
Picketing with Freddi
With George McGovern
With Kay
Posing with a leaf
In kitchen with star on cheek
Gerry with his children, Kelly and Brandon
At Lockmore Lane with Brandon
Posing for PlayGirl Magazine
As Santa with Brandon
Later Years
With Brandon, and with Kelly
With Fred and Kelly
With Jack and Kelly
With Trevor Jr, Fred, Kelly, Deirdre and Brandon
As Jack Nickolson
With Deirdra at a ballgame
With Dierdre, Ryan, Brianna, Audrey, Amber and Aline
With Audrey and Deirdre
With Audrey, Deirdre and Ron
With Ron, Ryan and Deirdre
After a workout
Goofing around at the Harris Spa and Resort
Playing with grandson, Skyler Maxwell Joy