photographs taken by brandon faloona, marshal and others, including Sonam Lama and Tende Sherpa.

Eyes ears legs and spirit provided by Fourwinds trekking company and these wonderful people:

  • Chappa Sherpa

  • Tende Sherpa

  • Sangi

  • Sonam Lama

  • Ram

"Free Use" is granted (no permission required) only to those images marked "Take One".  
These images are licensed as open content.

Please obtain permission before use of any image that is not marked "Take One".



  • pentax z series camera

    • 28mm - 200mm

    • pentax flash

    • small tripod

    • 100 - 800 ASA film

    • commercial 4" x 5" and 4" x 12" prints

  • umax astra 1220p flatbed scanner

  • microsoft frontpage and photodraw, e-s computing editplus v2 text editor


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